Exhibitors must follow the following guidelines when preparing the exhibits for show at the Hereford Jr. Farm Fair. 

General Guidelines for the Hereford Jr. Farm Fair:

Additional regulations can be found in the Outdoor and Indoor descriptions for the fair.

  1. The Fair Committee will take responsible precautions for the safety of exhibits, of exhibitors, and of spectators, but assumes no liability for injury or loss.
  2. Each Department Chairman has the right to decline any exhibit if, in his/her judgment, is not a credit to the Fair or if the exhibitor is not complying with the rules or spirit of the exhibit.  The chairman reserves the right to move an exhibit from one class to another if it was incorrectly entered.
  3. If any exhibitor removes any fair entries before 4:00 pm on the day of the fair or the specified time as determined by the Fair Coordinator, they will forfeit ALL of their premiums in the Fair for both indoor and outdoor exhibits.
  4. By enrolling in the Fair, exhibitors and their parent or guardian consent to the use of their name and image by the Fair in any of its publications for the promotion of the Fair and its mission. 


Alcoholic beverages and controlled dangerous substances (drugs) are not allowed on the fairgrounds. Violators will be removed from the premises. No smoking permitted in buildings & barns.

Disorderly or disrespectful conduct will not be permitted.

All exhibits must be grown, produced, or made by the exhibitor and be the result of the current year’s work.

Competent Judges will be selected and their decisions will be final.

No department or exhibitor is to use latex balloons in decorations.

PREMIUMS: Due to proposed Maryland budgetary constraints that are beyond the control of the Hereford Junior Farm Fair, the Board reserves the right to reduce the premium monies.

All reasonable precautions will be taken for the safety of people while on the Fairground’s property but the Fair Board and Association will not be responsible for injury to any person. 

Every animal and article upon the grounds will be under the control of the Fair Board and Association, and while every precaution will be taken for the safekeeping of same, the Association will not be responsible for any damage or accident which may occur. Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage done arising from any animal exhibited by him/her. Any individual, spectator or patron handling animals without the consent of the owner is liable for all damage or injury done to themselves or animals

All animal exhibits must obtain approved health papers for their species. Exhibitors must submit a copy of their health papers on arrival. Health papers must be available for the entire time the animal is housed on the fairgrounds for inspection by an official veterinarian.

No animals will be permitted on the fairgrounds except those entered in the HEREFORD JUNIOR FARM FAIR.

. Exhibitors of animals must furnish their own food, bedding, and water containers. Animals should be kept in their pens or designated areas at all times except for show time or walking to the wash racks. Animals should never be walked or ridden in other areas of the barns or Fairgrounds. This is for the safety of both the General Public and the Animal.

SHOW ATTIRE: The following prescribed show attire is required for all exhibitors in Fitting and Showmanship, Breed classes, and Market classes:  No farm names or other identification shall appear on show uniforms.

Livestock Exhibitors (beef cattle, sheep, meat goats, and swine) are required to wear the following uniform for all classes:  Male -Khaki or green trousers. White shirt with collar, tucked in. Green or black neck piece optional, but encouraged. Approved neckpieces include neck tie, bow tie, bolo tie or a tied bandana. Jewelry does not qualify as a neckpiece-no exceptions Female- Khaki or green slacks or skirt (not above the knees); white shirt with a collar (no tight fit), tucked in.· Green or black neck piece optional, but encouraged. Approved neckpieces include neck tie, bow tie, bolo tie or a tied bandana. Jewelry does not qualify as a neckpiece, no exceptions. b. Dairy cattle and dairy goat exhibitors are required to wear the following uniform for all classes:  Male- white trousers, white shirt with a collar, tucked in. Green or Black neck piece optional, but encouraged.· Approved neckpieces including: necktie, bow tie, bolo tie or a tied bandana. Jewelry does not qualify as a neckpiece, no exceptions.  Female-white slacks or skirt (not above the knee), white shirt (no tight fit) tucked in. Green or black neck piece optional, but encouraged. Approved neckpieces include: neck tie, bow tie, bolo tie or a tied bandana. Jewelry does not qualify as a neckpiece-no exceptions. .· EXHIBITORS NOT ADHERING TO THE SHOW ATTIRE requirements will be excused from the show ring and forfeit their premiums.

No skateboards, roller blades, scooters, skates or glass beverage containers are allowed on the Fairgrounds at any time

Only Judges, Superintendents, and those having officially designated duties will be allowed in the Exhibit Building during the time of judging.

EXHIBITORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REMOVING ALL ITEMS AND LEAVING THEIR AREAS CLEAN ON SATURDAY BY 5PM. ANY EXHIBIT REMAINING ON THE FAIRGROUNDS PAST 5PM., SATURDAY, WILL BE DISPOSED OF! All stall and pen areas must be cleaned and approved by Department Superintendents before release. All bedding is to be removed to the proper disposal area. Premium monies will be withheld if stall and pens areas are not cleaned and approved.

. Except where stated in a Department’s rules, exhibitors will forfeit all Premium Money, Ribbons and Trophies; on all of their projects exhibited if they remove any one or all of their Indoor Exhibit(s) or Animal Exhibit(s) BEFORE designated release times stated in the Fair Schedule. NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE FOR AN EARLIER RELEASE.

All Dairy Exhibitors shall strive to modify their milking schedule to prevent undue stress and hardship to their dairy animals on the day of the show. If any dairy animal is deemed to be under stress or hardship, due to an overfull udder, the Show Superintendant has the right to require the Exhibitor to do either a partial or full milk-out at any time, or remove the animal from the show. Remember that the health and well-being of the animals is of the utmost importance and supersedes any and all other considerations.

At the discretion of the Outdoor Chair, The Chair may require an under 9 exhibitor to have an older person lead and handle their animal. The under 9 exhibitor will still walk beside and stand next to their animal, but will not have direct control of the animal. This is for the general safety of the animal and all those present.

No exhibitor shall discriminate against anyone due to; race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, political affiliation, and gender identity or expression.

The Fair management reserves the right to amend or add to these rules and regulations as the judgment may determine

All exhibitors agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Hereford Junior Farm Fair.

THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES SHALL BE FINAL IN ALL CLASSES. Any person wishing to protest must do so in writing within twelve hours after the awards are made.

All livestock trailers must be parked in designated parking areas

Anyone not abiding by these rules and regulations or exhibiting improper behavior will be removed from the Fairgrounds and exhibitor will forfeit premiums.

For further information and guidelines see each specific department on this website.